Aerox FP1 Flow Indicator


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The Aerox® Flow Indicator provide passengers and crew a means of determining oxygen flow. When used in conjunction with cannulas and masks, The Flow Indicator is designed to display oxygen flow at altitudes up to 40,000 Feet (MSL).

The Flow Indicator, when used with all aerox® mask and cannula assemblies, MSK-A, MSK-AS, MSK-AEM, MSK-AET, Diluter/Demand, etc. will provide an indication of oxygen flow as required by 14 CFR 23.1449.

Dimensions: Height: 2.55 ” Width: 0.58 ”

Weight: 0.4 Oz.

Material: Aluminum/Polycarbonate

Pressure Range: 5 – 90 Psi

Flow Range: 1 – 100 Lpm

Operating Temp. Range: Ambient




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