Pilot PA 1180 Headset (GA)


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To make this headset stand out from the others, black chrome hardware has been used to go along with the textured black ear cups to create a very sophisticated look in the cockpit. A full flex microphone boom allows the user to position the noise cancelling electret microphone in the precise place they want it. A washable pillow top head pad along with silicone gel ear seals, gives you the comfort you’ve been looking for. This headset comes with a soft padded headset case.

Passive NRR – 24dB
Microphone Type – Noise Canceling Electret (Amplified)
Speaker Impedance – 300 ohm
Cord Type – 5 Foot Straight
Plug Type – .25” Audio Plug and .206” Mic Plug
Boom Type – Full Flex
Color – Black
Product Weight – 15.9 ounces (451 grams)
Shipping Weight – 3.00
Warranty – 3 Years


Pilot Communications USA


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