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THE new South African air safety book FOCUSED FLYING by Johan Lottering, author of AVOIDING FATAL FLYING TRAPS, is now available. Part I of the two-part work consists of a selection of 25 articles previously featured in aviation magazines like WORLD AIRNEWS and on electronic forums such as PILOTS POST. Part II offers a bonus of 12 real-life aviation humour stories with a touch of compassion.

The focus is on situations not readily encountered in ordinary learning material or flying curricula. Peculiar topics highlighted with realistic examples. Aircrews and single pilots alike may benefit from concepts like group life cycles and societal syndromes which affect them more directly than may be imagined. The intrepid reader’s eyes may well be opened to a myriad of extraordinary air safety factors derived from careful scrutiny and research. The book also takes a new perspective on certain vital aspects of flying training.


Flying is not only about knowledge. It is rather a combination of knowledge and the correct mind-set.  This is what I appreciate most about every publication by Johan Lottering: Not only do you learn, it also makes you think and cultivates mental awareness – all crucial components of aviation safety.

Juri Keyter – Editor, Pilots’ Post


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