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PPL is a practical, no-nonsense book for everyone who loves flying. It teaches you to make smart decisions in the cockpit so you become a good, safe pilot – regardless of your hours.

It takes the sweat out of swotting. Preparing for your exams is easy and it’s fun. It covers all the subjects; Navigation, Meteorology, Principles of Flight, Radio, etc. There are 500 full colour pages with simple explanations, true life stories, every-day examples, test papers and superb diagrams.

It also describes all the flying exercises from pre-flights to precautionaries and from stalls to sideslipping.

Jim Davis believes you learn best if you are having fun, so this book is a good read – it is as un-textbookish as you can get, while still covering the subjects thoroughly and clearly.
He is a natural teacher.
Jim has a passion for flying training. He has over 15,000 hours including about 10,000 of flying instruction for both civilian and military pilots. He is the founder of South Africa’s biggest and most respected flying school – 43 Air School, and has written several books on training and countless articles for flying magazines on two continents.


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