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Bruce williams takes Microsoft Flight Simulator to its highest level as a flight training tool. Applicable to both Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004: A Century of Flight (Version 9) and Microsoft Flight Simulator X (Version 10), this is a guide for anyone who wants to maximize their real or virtual cockpit experience while learning more efficiently with less stress, and having more money left in the bank at checkride time. This book and accompanying CD provide general suggestions, specific advice, and practical tools for making effective use of Microsoft Flight Simulator, regardless of the type of flying you dostudents, certificated pilots, flight instructors, and virtual aviators will all benefit from Bruces teaching. This book merges the two worlds of flight simulation (gaming) with flight trainingthe only book of its kind on how to use the worlds most popular flight simulator as a true aid to becoming a pilot or teaching flight. Practice doesnt necessarily make skills perfect, but it can make them permanent.

The weighty assortment of practice flights included, and the guidance on how to best fly them, make it easy for any pilot or instructor real or virtual to attain the highest level of flight proficiency they seek. Although many pilots and instructors have used Microsoft Flight Simulator during their flying careers and may have been inspired to pursue flight training by their early encounters with the program, often they dont know how to get the most out of the experience of virtual flying today. This book will change that. Visit for more information and links to make sure your time spent with Microsoft Flight Simulator is fun and educational. Includes a bonus companion CD with more than 150 VFR and IFR Practice Flights that make it easy to use Microsoft Flight Simulator to practice specific skills, from basic flight manoeuvres to instrument approaches.


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