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Written primarily for Commercial & Airline Transport pilots, this is a comprehensive textbook for operating transport-category airplanes. Updated to include coverage of modern cockpit automation, “Fly the Wing” provides pilots with valuable tools and proven techniques for all flight operations. Also new to this edition is a companion CD-ROM with a complete glossary of flight terms, printable quick reference handbooks, and numerous supporting graphics. Pilots planning a career in aviation will find this book provides important insights that other books miss.
Written in easy, conversational style, this useful reference progresses from ground school equipment and procedures, to simulators, to real flight. Along the way, the authors cover the physical, psychological and technical preparation needed by pilots to acquire an ATP certificate while maintaining the highest standards of performance.
Although not intended to replace training manuals, “Fly the Wing” is by itself a course in advanced aviation. With clear explanations and in-depth coverage, it has been described as a full step beyond the normal training handbook. Pilots desiring additional knowledge in the fields of modern flight deck automation, high speed aerodynamics, high altitude flying, speed control, take-offs, and landings in heavy, high performance aircraft, will do well to read and retain this material.
256 pages, illustrated, softcover, size 21,5 x 27,9 cm.


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