ASA Flight Testing Homebuilt Aircraft


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Flight testing is a clear-cut process of learning an aircraft’s limitations, defining and fixing its problems, and determining its capability and optimum flying techniques. Each step in the test process is designed to prepare both the pilot and the airplane to progress to the next step with a minimum of risk. Over the years, test pilots have built a library of knowledge and technique that you can use to fly better and more safely. Whether good or bad, professional or amateur, lucky or unlucky, their experience is something you should take advantage of.

In Flight Testing Homebuilt Aircraft the homebuilder learns safe, effective techniques that are often only touched upon in journals, or painstakingly derived from various technical manuals.

This book presents an organized step-by-step approach to flight testing:

  • Flight preparation
  • Taxi tests
  • First flight
  • Envelope expansion
  • Problem solving
  • Performance analysis

The author also discusses common stability and control problems and ways to resolve them. As a compendium of practical tips and lore on reducing risk and improving performance, this book is a “must-have” resource for pilots and builders. Softcover, illustrated, 6” x 9”, 190 pages.


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