Vertex FBA25 Alkaline Battery Case for VXA


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The FBA-25A Vertex Standard battery case is designed for the VXA-220 and VXA-300 radio models. This battery case holds six AA batteries to power your aircraft radio. Our FBA-25A fits directly into two VXA radios for immediate power and simple installation. Make battery changes a breeze with this replacement battery case, which allows for cord-free and more comfortable handheld use.

Keep your Vertex aviation radio powered and ready for flight. This standard battery case is affordable and efficient, a quick replacement piece for your Vertex system. This sleek, durable black case features a professional design that will resist wear and tear during use in your aircraft. Your aircraft communication tools must be durable and ready-to-perform. Enjoy our high-quality Vertex radios and their corresponding accessories and replacement parts. The Vertex standard battery case will click into position to replace your current battery pack for VXA-220 and VXA-300 models without any installation hassle.


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