Rotax Limited Warranty


This document serves as a quick reference for information about the limited warranty offered with new Rotax Aircraft Engines, the complete and official limited warranty conditions are contained in the Service Letters mentioned below, please download the applicable version for your engine model.

What is the warranty period?

912/914/912i/915i Non-Certified engines – 18 months or 200 hours, whichever come first. 912/914/912i/915i CERTIFIED engines – 24 months or 400 hours, whichever comes first. 582 2-Stroke Non-Certified engines – 18 months or 100 hours, whichever comes first.

When does the warranty start?

For the calendar time limit, the limited warranty starts when the owner/operator takes delivery of the new aircraft/engine, but within 6 months of delivery from BRP-Rotax. For operating hours, it starts from the first run of the engine either at the OEM or owner/operator.

How do I qualify for warranty?

The engine needs to be registered by the aircraft owner/operator on within 30 days of taking delivery of the new aircraft/engine.

What does the warranty cover?

BRP-Rotax through Comet Aviation Supplies as their Authorised Distributor will at their discretion and on approval, appoint an appropriately rated facility and/or person to repair and/or replace any engine and/or component found to be defective. Where applicable, labour is paid only if work is carried out by a person/organisation with an iRMT/iRC/iSC rating. (iRMT-independent Rotax Maintenance Technician / iRC-independent Repair Centre / iSC-independant Service Centre)

What are the exclusions?

A detailed list of exclusions are contained in the relevant Service Letter for your engine model. Consequential expenses such as loss of income, travelling, freight, removal/reinstallation of an engine, ferry flights, etc are not specifically covered under the limited warranty. Normal wear and tear items that are found to be replaced are also not covered. Any seizure/failure caused from the use of poor quality fuels, incorrect oils or coolant, exceedance of any operating limits, incorrect installation, unapproved/improper maintenance or the use of unapproved accessories will not be covered.

Where do I find the warranty conditions?

The Service Letters detailing the warranty conditions are available for download on, and are as follows: SL-912-012_914-010_2ST-006 Limited Warranty Conditions for Engine Types 912, 914 and 582 Carburetor Series

Click Here to download

SL-912i-003 Limited Warranty Conditions for Engine Type 912i Fuel Injected Series

Click Here to download

SL-915i-001 Limited Warranty Conditions for Engine Type 915i Fuel Injected Series

Click here to download

How do I claim for warranty?

Send a completed Customer Service Information Report (CSIR) form detailing the nature of the failure to, include any affected component part numbers and serial numbers, and include pictures where applicable. You will be contacted with further instructions.

NOTE: Claims for unregistered engines will be rejected immediately, please ensure that your engine is registered before submitting your claim.

Click here to download the CSIR form.




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