Rexon PA-10/AIR Airband Amplifier


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*With BNC Radio Cable

PA-10/AIR is linear AM amplifier designed for air-band applications. It is primarily intended to enhance the range of hand-held transceivers by boosting transmitter power and increasing receiver gain if required.

In the world of aviation, equipment reliability is paramount and PA-10/AIR addresses this need in following ways:

  • AM modulation indicator blinks as user talks, confirming that voice message is transmitted on air. This function immediately points out defective microphone issue.
  • Supervising microprocessor recognizes the situation when amplifier can’t deliver expected RF power and immediately switches to bypass mode, connecting transceiver directly to antenna. The situation of „transmitting” through „burned” amplifier does not happen.
  • The problem of defective or improperly tuned antenna is detected and signaled. Amplifier stays in bypass mode to protect itself.
  • Excessive input power, caused by transceiver malfunction or misapplication causes alarm and transition to bypass mode.
  • The DC power supply voltage outside acceptable range causes alarm and amplifier returns to bypass mode.
  • Excessive temperature of the amplifier causes alarm and return to bypass mode.

All alarm indicators (LEDs) are red. Anything red is lit -there is a problem. This scheme relieves user from paying too much attention to the signaling.

PA-10/AIR features automatic gain control, implemented by digital step attenuator. It adapts amplifier gain to varying carrier power of transceiver, always leaving proper headroom for AM modulation. No modulation clipping ever occurs.

For the receive path – low noise preamplifier is available. It also features input bandpass filter, eliminating danger of cross-modulation caused by nearby CB stations.





  • Frequency range: 118 MHz – 137 MHz
  • Mode: Primarily AM, FM allowed
  • RF output power (carrier): 12W-14W (Controlled by digital ALC)
  • RF input power (carrier):     Nominal: 1.5 W, Maximum (appr.): 3 W,  Minimum: 1 W
  • DC supply voltage: Nominal: 12.5 V, Minimum: 10.5 V, Maximum: 14.5 V
  • DC supply current during transmission: Typical: 4A
  • Receiver preamplifier gain: Typical: 21 dB
  • Receiver preamplifier noise figure: Typical: 1.9 dB
  • RF connector type: UHF (SO-239)
  • Dimensions 200 x 123 x 50 mm
  • Weight 1.2 Kgs




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