David Clark Microphone M-7A Amplified Electret


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For a microphone that features advanced noise cancellation technology and high speech intelligibility, try the David Clark 09168P-33. This microphone can be installed in place of carbon and amplified dynamic microphones for crystal clear, uninterrupted sound. The David Clark M-7A requires circuits which supply a DC bias voltage, common in most updated aviation communication systems. This amplified electret impedance microphone can transmit clearly with a surrounding noise level as high as 120 dB SPL. If you’re looking for a microphone that will perform inside your noisy cockpit, the David Clark M-7A delivers. This lightweight product will fit snugly onto your current headset and improve your communication quality. Don’t waste hundreds replacing your headset; this accessory is priced to fit your budget and help you save. Simply replace your microphone with the M-7A amplified electret and communicate with the clarity and precision you expect from our David Clark products.


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