KRT2-19-25 Rack Mounting or Desktop Base Station 19″ 25W


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The KRT2-19-25 is a 25 watt fixed base station designed for small airports, helipads, airlines, oil rigs, etc.

Developed and manufactured in South Africa by PJ Aviation, the base station employs the KRT2 transceiver module by TQ Systems (originally developed by Dittel Avionik). A high performance, wide band, linear amplifier increases the output carrier power from 5w to 25w.

Transmit/receive switching is automatic, requiring only a single antenna. In the event of a PA or antenna fault, the transmitter output is automatically reduced to 5w.


• Full graphic TFT colour display allows easy use under all light conditions including bright sun light.

• 8,33 kHz and 25 kHz channel spacing, for future compatibility.

• Dynamic fist microphone is supplied. Optional headset or desk microphone with PTT button or foot switch is available.

• The Dual Watch mode that allows simultaneous monitoring of two different channels, with priority.

• Adaptive squelch automatically ensures that the weakest signals are received in the installed interference environment.

• During transmit, a bar graph confirms modulation and antenna match.

• RS232 remote control facility provides optional remote control using a similar looking control head. External rear audio connection is standard.

• Memory with up to 100 user-definable named frequencies.

• Single knob for easy gloved hand operation.

• Digital readout of power supply voltage.

• Automatic system test, including antenna matching, on

switch on.

• Certification: EASA.210.10038036



• Frequency Range: 118.000 MHz to 136.990 MHz

• Channel Selection: 8.33 or 25 kHz

• RF-Output Power: 5W or 25w +/-2dB (carrier power)


• Receiver Sensitivity: > 12 dB SINAD @ 2 uV typical

• Frequency stability 1ppm per annum short term, 5ppm

long term

• Modulation: Up to 90%

• Tx Protection: Open circuit, short circuit, high VSWR,

stuck PTT.

• Spurious emissions: < -60dBC

• Adjacent channel power: < -60dBC

• Duty cycle: 30% Tx/Rx

• Supply voltage 24 VDC

• Loudspeaker audio output 10w (limited to 5w with

internal speaker).

• Operating Temperature Range: -20°C to +55°C, for

short time up to +70°C

• KRT2 certification: ETSO-2C169a, TSO-C169a.

Transmitter: ED-23C Class 4, C, RTCA DO-186B Class 4, 6. Receiver: EUROCAE ED-23C Class C-D-E-H1/2, RTCA DO-186B Class C-D-E



• 2U size, 300mm deep, black powder coated mild steel with removable face and top cover. Spot welded construction controls earth currents during Tx.

• Audio connectors on front and rear panel for microphone/headphone, PTT

• 5w loudspeaker on front panel with On/Off switch.

• LED indicators for DC, 25wTx, 5wTx, SWR, Fault

• External loudspeaker connections on rear panel.

• Optional connector on rear panel for remote control • N-type female bulkhead antenna connector on rear


• Handles provided on front plate to aid mounting and

provide protection.

• High efficiency internal switch mode power supply with

automatic internal fan and extremely low ripple, hum

and RF interference.

• Rear cooling fan automatically controlled by PA heat

sink temperature. Internal cooling slots on case sides

only, to minimize dust entry.

• 3 pin power connector on rear panel for 100 – 240VAC • 24VDC internal power supply

• Special variations possible

• Also available as desk top with rubber

feet and without handles


PJ Aviation


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