KRT2-19-6 Rack Mounting or Desktop Base Station 19″ 6W


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Transceiver Features:

  • Full graphic LC-display allowing easy use under all light conditions including bright sun light.
  • Display illumination can be dimmed or turned off.
  • 8.33 kHz and 25kHz channel spacing, for future compatibility.
  • Standard or dynamic microphones can be used.
  • The Dual Watch mode that allows scanning of two different channels, with priority.
  • Complete VHF transceiver in a 57mm housing, only 144mm in depth.
  • Memory for up to 100 user-definable named frequencies.
  • Single knob for easy gloved hand operation.
  • Digital readout of battery voltage.  Operation down to 10v possible.
  • Automatic system test, including antenna matching, on switch on.
  • Certification: EASA.210.10038036

Transceiver Specifications:

  • Frequency Range: 118.000 MHz to 136.990 MHz
  • Channel Selection: 8.33 or 25 kHz (select automatically)
  • RF-Output Power: > 6 W (carrier power) at 13v
  • Receiver Sensitivity: > 12 dB SINAD @ 2 uV
  • Frequency stability 1ppm
  • Modulation: Up to 90%
  • Input Voltage Range: 9 V DC to 36 V DC
  • Audio output up to 10w
  • Operating Temperature Range: -20°C to +55°C, for short time up to +70°C
  • Current consumption: 1,6 A @12 V DC (transmit), 110mA@12 V DC (receive standby)
  • Certification: ETSO-2C169a, ED-23B Class 4, C, TSO-C169a,Class 6, H1 & H2
  • Function: dual watch mode, integrated VOX / Intercom

19 inch Case Specifications:

  • 2U size, 250mm deep, black powder coated mild steel with removable face and top cover
  • Audio connectors on front and rear panel for microphone/ headphone and PTT
  • 5w loudspeaker on front panel (can be disabled).
  • External loudspeaker connections on rear panel.
  • DB-9 connector on rear panel for optional remote control
  • N-type female bulkhead antenna connector on rear panel.
  • Handles provided on front plate to aid mounting.
  • 3 pin power connector on rear panel for 100 – 240VAC
  • 24VDC internal power supply
  • Optional internal battery backup (for 6w power versions only) o Special variations possible
  • Also available as desk top with rubber feet and without handles



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