Airmaster Propellers

Airmaster Engineering Excellence

Airmaster specialises in high performance propeller systems where quality comes first. They combine the best composite blade technology with a precise and reliable constant-speed hub system to provide a unique performance enhancement to your aircraft.

Performance Gains

Compared with fixed pitch prop types, you can expect performance gains from the Airmaster propeller of 20%-30% in take-off, 10% in climb, and 15% in cruise. The level of gain achieved in each flight mode depends on how your existing propeller has been set up (that is best for take-off, climb, or cruise).

Reduces the pilot workload at critical flight phases

When you have to concentrate on a lot of other things, the Airmaster constant speed controller eases the burden by maximising the engine performance, giving you one less thing to worry about.

Easy to operate

Their controller is extremely easy to use, even for novice pilots. The pilot simply selects take-off climb or cruise and the controller does the work of adjusting the blade pitch to match the aircraft speed, and keep the engine at an appropriate pre-programmed RPM.


Each Airmaster propeller is comprised of five major modules; hub, blade assemblies, extension, spinners, and control system/slipring. Each module can be customised to suit an individual aircraft.


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