Li-Start 0212F Lithium Battery Charger


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Lithium rechargeable batteries should not be connected to chargers with the following characteristics:

  • Unregulated chargers
  • Intelligent chargers with an anti-sulphating stage
  • Chargers with a floatation stage at end of charge

In general, a LiFePO4 rechargeable battery charger should charge at constant current until it reaches 14.6v, +/- 0.1v, at which point it should disconnect from the battery.

So-called intelligent 3-step SLA chargers can be used, if diode isolation is used to effectively disconnect from the battery once it reaches the second stage equalisation voltage. However, the charger’s original equalisation voltage will have to raised to compensate for the diode voltage drop, otherwise the battery will never be fully charged.

Li-Start engine starter batteries are designed to be charged from a motorcycle or aircraft engine regulated charging system. However, if this battery is to be topped up from an external charger, the above rules apply.

Our standard LiFePo4 lithium battery charger will recharge a fully discharged 7,5Ah battery within 4 hours.


Model Li-Start 0212F
Input 100 – 240vac at 50/60Hz
Output current 2A
Max voltage 14,6v +/-0,2v
Indicator LED red during charging, green when fully charged
End of charge Charger effectively disconnected from battery
Dimensions 120 x 62 x 38mm
Weight 500g
Connections Mains cable: 2 pin Euro plug. DC cable: two large spring clips


Note that we do not recommend this charger for non-Li-Start lithium batteries which do not have internal balancing circuits!


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