High Power Lithium Starter Battery (non-certified)


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Li-Start lithium batteries employ LiFePO4 chemistry which does not support a flame. To withstand the stresses of high starting currents the cells are wound cylindrical types.  The integral cell balancing electronics ensure that Li-Start starter batteries can be a drop-in replacement for lead acid types, provided that a proper charging regulator is employed, with over voltage protection. External charging is easy with approved chargers. No acidic gassing occurs when charging within specified limits.

The advantages gained from switching to lithium are huge weight and space savings, vastly superior starting characteristics, fast recharging, 3 to 5 times the life of a lead battery, 3 times the number of charge/discharge cycles of a lead battery and at end of life the lithium battery is far more environmentally friendly than lead acid types.

Due to international shipping regulations, the best all round starter battery for South Africa is the Li-Start TYST-360.  For avionic backup and other storage applications, the TY-12V7A15, similar to an “alarm battery” is available, with extended integral BMS functions such as deep discharge and overcharge protection.

TYST-360 specifications

  • Nominal voltage13,2V
  • Maximum starting current450A
  • Equivalent lead starter battery20Ah
  • Typical aircraft enginesRotax 912 to Lyc O-360
  • Capacity7,5Ah
  • Maximum charge voltage14,6V
  • Overvoltage relay setting15,2V maximum
  • Maximum charging current24A
  • Minimum discharge voltage8V
  • Self discharge rate1,5% per month
  • Size150 x 87 x 105mm
  • Weight1,3Kg
  • CaseABS plastic
  • Terminals                                      Heavy duty with M6 female threads


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