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ASA E6B-Slide
A companion product to ASA's E6-B, this slide picks up where the traditional metal flight computer l..
R162.91 R50.00
Ex Tax: R43.48
ASA Fixed Plotter CP-1
Constructed of sturdy clear plastic with easy-to-read numbers and scales. It includes WAC, Sectional..
R154.34 R95.00
Ex Tax: R82.61
ASA Hoodwink View Limiting Device
Convenient. Lightweight. Comfortable. It's the most innovative view-limiting device ever! All pil..
R231.53 R50.00
Ex Tax: R43.48
ASA Instrument Plotter CP-IFR-2
ASA's instrument plotter features: 12 scales to accommodate all instrument charts, including a conve..
R141.48 R50.00
Ex Tax: R43.48
ASA Jiffy Hood
ASA's IFR training hood is comfortable, light, and does the job at a reasonable price. Light gray wi..
R242.25 R100.00
Ex Tax: R86.96
ASA Rotating Plotter
Constructed of sturdy clear plastic with easy-to-read numbers and scales with a non-slip rotating az..
R254.21 R150.01
Ex Tax: R130.44
David Clark Amplified Dynamic Microphone
This Amplified Dynamic Microphone is a noise canceling type. It will not operate in circuits that do..
R1,112.48 R889.98
Ex Tax: R773.90
David Clark H10-13X ANR Headset
The H10-13X is a great value for pilots seeking clear, quiet Electronic Noise-Cancelling performance..
R15,115.86 R12,092.69
Ex Tax: R10,515.38
David Clark H10-13XL Headset
Enjoy the added quiet and clarity of Electronic Noise-Cancelling technology with modular portability..
R18,522.26 R14,817.81
Ex Tax: R12,885.05
David Clark H20-10 Headset
The H20-10 is made from advanced composite material that is lightweight, yet extremely durable. Uniq..
R7,584.23 R6,067.38
Ex Tax: R5,275.98
David Clark Microphone M-7A Amplified Electret
For a microphone that features advanced noise cancellation technology and high speech intelligibilit..
R885.50 R708.40
Ex Tax: R616.00
David Clark Microphone M87
This item is spare part for the these David Clark Items: H10-00, H10-20, H10-21, H10-26, H10-30, ..
R1,415.44 R1,132.35
Ex Tax: R984.66
Flightcom 403LSA 2-Place Intercom
Flightcom's 403LSA is simple to operate and easy to use, just like the Light Sport Aircraft LSA). Th..
R4,724.64 R3,779.71
Ex Tax: R3,286.70
Flightcom Confor Foam Ear Seals
Standard replacement ear seal for 4DX and 4DLX headsets. (Does not fit Denali series) ..
R693.65 R554.92
Ex Tax: R482.54
Flightcom Denali Ear Seals
Fits all Denali headsets ..
R696.61 R557.29
Ex Tax: R484.60

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