Airwear Pilot Boots - size 7

Airwear Pilot Boots - size 7
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Why Fly With A Pilot Boot?

As with most aviation wear, safety is the main CORE factor in design, and the  Airwear Fly Boot is no different,

The main threat to a pilots feet are heat transference from a fire behind the firewall – in the engine area, the pedals controlling the rudder can get superheated rapidly in the case of a malfunction or fire… and this heat being directly transferred to the pilots foot has dire consequences…

Ethyl Vinyl Acetate or EVA /Polyeurythane blends are the most common sole in sneakers and they get soft at 42° celsius and melt at 71° – remember this material used in soles of most expensive running shoes – is the same material used as slops/flipflops – not the best choice for heat resistance.

The Flyboot is made with a single density Polyeurythane sole, with a melt temperature of 110° – yet its thickness and design gives it strong form holding capabilities and slow heat conduction…much longer than EVA – ie it will not melt into your foot anytime soon…It will also not ignite easily and produce a nasty chemical fire with noxious fumes…(which would overcome most people before actual burning occurs)In addition the flyboot has 1.8 to 2mm thick bison leather as its upper further preventing heat

Some pilots fly in their running shoes or tekkies(Sneakers)and this is a huge threat to your safety…

Why You Should Avoid Flying With Sneakers, Tekkies or Running Shoes…

Running Shoes/ Sneakers Materials : The Threat Of Melting Into Your Skin

Running Shoe Uppers: the purpose of the upper is to hold the foot in place, protects the foot from rocks and dirt, has synthetic leather for durability, mesh for breathability and reflective material for safety.

Running shoe soles:
Turns out, most soles have traditionally been packed with a type of foam called ethyl vinyl acetate (EVA), which is what makes your shoes feel cushy.
The common name for it is : expanded rubber or foam rubber.

Running shoes are great for jogging or ordinary day to day wear  (I have a favourite pair of durable salomans), they’re just not designed for aviation! “Running Shoes or Trainers are great for everyday wear or running they’re just not designed for aviation safety”

Firstly the uppers of these are made of highly flammable materials such as:

  • Breathable knit Polyester
  • Nylon mesh
  • Polyeurythane knit

And the Sole is usually made with:

  • Ethyl Vinyl Acetate : Ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) is the copolymer of ethylene and vinyl acetate. It’s an extremely elastic material that can  form a porous material similar to rubber… most common usage is in sole for running shoes and slops!!! 


  • Light weight pilot boots suitable for all types of aircraft flying.
  • Especially designed without the standard cut-away boot heel to prevent the heel catching on pedals in emergency situations with disastrous consequences.(so it has a flat sole)
  • It has a solid non slip tread
  • This pilot boot is made of strong buffalo leather between 1.8 to 2mm thick so provides good heat and impact resistance. (not like the flammable synthetic shoes most pilots wear)
  • It has a vamp lining to ensure the feet stay dry and comfortable all day long (wicking action)
  • It is a single direct injected polyester polyurethane sole that makes it tough yet lighter than any other boot available
  • Its much more comfortable than the old SAAF pilot boot, with a moulded comfortable inner.
  • The inner sole has a static resistanceto prevent any kind of electrical shock
  • This sole has a heat resistance of between 100 -110 degrees celsius – making it heat resistant
  • The sole has a shore hardness of 0.64 – 065. (which is harder than tyre tread)
  • The polyurethane sole is an excellent insulator against cold floors and temperature fluctuations…
  • Available in sizes 7 – 11, bigger sizes possibly available on request
  • Each pilot boot comes packaged in it’s own fabric boot bag, to allow for easy storage (does not collect dust), and prevents scuffing when packed for travelling.

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