Flightcom 403LSA 2-Place Intercom

Flightcom 403LSA 2-Place Intercom
Flightcom 403LSA 2-Place Intercom
Brand: Flightcom
Product Code: 704050415
Availability: In Stock
Price: R4,724.64
Ex Tax: R4,108.38

Flightcom's 403LSA is simple to operate and easy to use, just like the Light Sport Aircraft LSA). The 2-place voice activated intercom enhances the fun of flying, as well as safety, by optimizing communication clarity. And with a low price, the 403LSA fits nicely with the LSA objective of making flying affordable. Ships complete with two jack sets, connectors, stereo/mono switches for each jack set location, and a detailed installation manual. Stereo intercom features include 2-place capability, instant music muting, and pilot isolate so you can focus on your flight. Optional faceplate for 2.25" instrument hole mounting Benefits Easy to use and designed to fit almost anywhere in the panel. All the functions you need along with superb stereo sound. Switches provided in installation kit allow individual headphone positions to select either stereo or mono mode, allowing the use of monaural headset.

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