Ameri-King AK-451-PLB

Ameri-King AK-451-PLB
Ameri-King AK-451-PLB
Brand: Ameri-King
Product Code: 599165011
Availability: On Request
Price: R5,800.00
Ex Tax: R5,087.72

·         Triple (406 Satellite /243 Military /121.5 Civilian) MHz frequencies.

·         Ultra long lasting Battery Package, up to 78 hours @ -20 deg C, end of life, 10 years useful life time Lithium type, LiMnO2, 4 D-Size.

·         Waterproof and Flame-retardant tested.

·         500G shock tested

·         1,000 lbs crush tested

·         55,000 feet altitude tested

·         -20 degrees C and +55 degrees C tested

·         Position data default accuracy: 80 meters typical

·         PERP: 5W+/-2 dB @ 406.028 MHz for 24Hrs

·         PEIRP:(14-20) dBm @ 243 & 121.5 MHz for 78 Hrs @-20 deg C, end of 5-year life.

·         (4.27”W x 2.95” H x 5.64”L) 1 lb 14oz

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