Dittel KTX-2 Transponder 2-1/4" Mode S (incl EASA Form 1)

Dittel KTX-2 Transponder 2-1/4" Mode S (incl EASA Form 1)
Dittel KTX-2 Transponder 2-1/4" Mode S (incl EASA Form 1) Dittel KTX-2 Transponder 2-1/4" Mode S (incl EASA Form 1)
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The KTX2 mode S transponder is like all Dittel Avionik a highly efficient device. During the development the following parameters have been taken in account:

    •    low weight of only 360 g
    •    minimal power consumption
    •    low cost
These parameters are the argument especially for gliders, ultralight aircraft and balloons, to be equipped with the KTX2. The current consumption of a Mode-S transponder is generally an indication which depends on numerous of parameters. In Mode S operation in busy airspace it can cause a high rate of queries per minute. In this case, the transponder will respond accordingly and frequently increasing the total energy consumption.
In the technical data we provide to you data you can trust when you designing a battery-operated system.

Simplified set up procedure.

The installation of the KTX2 is quite simple. The panel cutout corresponds to the standard 57 mm. The body length of only 144 mm allows plenty of room for the handling in full panels and greatly simplifies the installation.
The installation of a level encoder may be omitted, of course. The KTX2 has already an integrated high - precision pressure sensor. Just connect the hose from the 'static port', hang up antenna and power supply and that was the whole installation.

'Extended squitter' or ADS-B Out
About the data interface an opportunity is given for GPS data for 'extended squitter' to get ADS-B  send out.
For an ADS-B receiver on KTX2 an additional ADS-B antenna connection is available, making the necessary antenna module is redundant.

In conjunction with a so called 'Traffic Monitor'  you then get a professional collision warning system. Such accessory is currently under development and will be available soon. There is of course also the possibility to connect an already available ‘Traffic Monitor’ system to the KTX2.

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