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EMSIS/PFD has already become very popular as a Primary Flight Display (PFD) but it is also a simple to use and affordable engine information system which can be used in conjunction with the larger NESIS or as a standalone instrument. Emsis is available as a standalone instrument or secondary EMS, PFD or Navigation instrument. All Kanardia devices can be connected together and use a Can Bus system.


Emsis, when used as standalone engine monitoring EMS, can show:

  • CHTs
  • EGTs
  • engine RPM
  • rotor RPM
  • fuel flow
  • fuel level (up to two tanks)
  • alternator and battery current
  • voltage
  • oil pressure
  • oil temperature
  • water (coolant) temperature
  • airbox temperature
  • manifold pressure
  • pneumatic pressure

And when used together with Nesis or PFD instrument, it can show:

  • airspeed (IAS and or TAS)
  • altitude
  • vario
  • engine time

Emsis PFD shows:

  • attitude (roll, pitch)
  • indicated airspeed (IAS)
  • altitude
  • QNH settings
  • vario, (climb and descent)
  • heading rate (1 minute and 30 seconds turn - adjustable)
  • outside air temperature (OAT)
  • track

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