RA Stick Grip G205

RA Stick Grip G205
RA Stick Grip G205
Brand: Ray Allen
Product Code: 210050161
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Price: R3,316.61
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The G205 grip has five functions which include a PTT and 4 pushbutton switches.

The modern design G205 stick grips use four, flush fitting pushbutton switches to control one or two axis electric trim. The grip itself is made of semi-soft UV and oil resistant foam. The upper switch housing is made of nylon with a lightly textured finish. The G205 grips are 5.25” (133 mm) tall. The G205 grips also have a SPDT switch located on the front side of the grip. It is designed to function as a Push-To-Talk (PTT) button.

Ray Allen Company modern design stick grips can be wired directly to Ray Allen trim servos. This eliminates the need to wire relays in your trim system. However, if two grips are used, you will need either relays or a switch to transfer the control of trims from one grip to the other. The G1 and G2 series hand grip is made of semi-soft UV and oil resistant foam and the upper switch housing is lightly textured nylon. The G3 series grip is a lightly textured, BASF UV reisistant composite.

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