Aerox Silicone Mask w/Microphone Double Seal

Aerox Silicone Mask w/Microphone Double Seal
Aerox Silicone Mask w/Microphone Double Seal
Brand: Aerox
Product Code: 499155021
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Price: R7,501.62
Ex Tax: R6,580.37

The 4110-716 Series continuous flow oxygen mask with microphone is intended for use of crew and passengers in the general aviation industry at a maximum altitude of 25,000 feet. These masks have been FAA approved and manufactured in accordance with the provisions of TSO-C103. Optional equipment includes industry standard fitting for connection to portable and built-in oxygen system equipment. 

Oxygen System Requirements

Use aerox® Aviation Oxygen Systems flow-meter (Included) to adjust the flow rate to coincide with the aircraft altitude. A minimum oxygen flow of 2.5 liters per minute (NTPD) must be supplied. It is the responsibility of the user to assure that the oxygen system being used is capable of supplying the pressure required to maintain the proper flow rate. This mask is equipped with a hose bushing allowing for the insertion of a barbed component. The user is responsible for the selection and installation of the proper components to achieve an oxygen flow of 2.5 LPM during use. (Reference FAR 23.1441, Oxygen Equipment and Supply)

  • Electret Microphone Mask with High Concentration Partial Rebreather
  • For use at or below 25,000 Ft.
  • Use with Aerox Flowmeter
  • Headband with Adjustable Elastic Straps
  • Soft Silicone Face Mask with Seal
  • 5 ft mic cord, 3 ft Oxygen hose
  • Electret Mic with wind screen per MIL-M-26542D
  • PJ068 microphone jack

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