Aerox CC Oxysaver Cannula Adult no fitting

Aerox CC Oxysaver Cannula Adult no fitting
Aerox CC Oxysaver Cannula Adult no fitting
Brand: Aerox
Product Code: 499155024
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Reduce wasted oxygen while you increase comfort.

For oxygen delivery up to 18,000 feet MSL, choose the Oxysaver Oxygen-Conserving Cannula to extend the life of your oxygen cylinder. When used with Aerox flow meters and other systems able to accurately deliver low flows of oxygen, the Oxysaver's unique design gets up to 8 times the use out of a cylinder of oxygen, compared to non-altitude compensated systems using masks or standard nasal cannulas.

As you breathe out, a reservoir in the cannula fills with 18ml of expired air, which is then enriched or replaced with oxygen during the remainder of expiration. When you begin to take a breath, the diaphragm immediately collapses, delivering a bonus of highly oxygen-enriched air to the deepest portion of the lungs.

Compared to other cannulas, the Oxysaver's soft nasal prongs offer maximum comfort and place less pressure on the septum. Talk, eat and drink. Use your normal headset and boom microphone.

Oxysaver is the only conserving cannula approved for aviation use by the manufacturer and tested to 18,000 feet.

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