Vortex Generator 80 Kit (non-certified)

Vortex Generator 80 Kit (non-certified)
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Special Advantages of Stolspeed Vortex Generators

Put Feathers on your wings, and fly like a bird! 
(Well not quite like a bird of course, but lots better than before!)

Stolspeed VGs are more ‘User-Friendly’ and Better Looking than other vortex generators. 


Stolspeed VGs have been completely redesigned from all other vortex generators on the market to be much more user-friendly and better looking, while still retaining the aerodynamic effectiveness that vortex generators are renowned for.  See Design. 
Stolspeed VGs have a very slim rounded fin to give them good flexibility, and a rounded, tapered base that ‘flows’ into the wing surface.   They really do look like they’re meant to be a part of the wing rather than a ‘stick-on’.  In clear material they’re almost invisible.  

Brush your hand over Stolspeed VGs and you can feel the flexibility.  

               “.....like stiff resilient feathers.....” 
Other vortex generators are sharp, angular and rigid, and are a real nuisance when refuelling, washing, or covering wings – you wouldn’t dare brush your hand over them!
Don’t put shark’s teeth on your wing (Old style VGs)
When you really need Feathers!
The rounded shape of Stolspeed VGs works really well with wing covers or washing. – no points to snag. The flexibility protects the wing skin and prevents the VG being knocked loose with impact. That flexibility is really essential for fabric covered wings.


Deonstrating the benefits of VGs

VGs only on the OUTER portion of the wing.

This is a really good way to demonstrate the difference that VGs make to the airflow
Notice that outer portion of the wing, behind the VGs, doesn’t stall at all, and the airflow remains attached and smooth.
Notice that the inner portion of the wing, without VGs, stalls suddenly and the disruption immediately spreads over the whole portion.  But note that the disruption doesn’t spread to the portion of the wing behind the VGs.  
VGs on ALL of the wing.

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