Brightline Flex End Cap Front

Brightline Flex End Cap Front
Brightline Flex End Cap Front
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The Front End Cap mimics the front of the Front Bag.  It is 13.5" x 10.5" x 1.25".

The Front End Cap is primarily for FLEX users that want the utility of the front bag, but do not need the storage of a Front Bag.  The Front End Cap attaches to the CS2, CS5, and CS11 when there is not a need for Front Bag Storage.

There are nine pockets on the outer surface of the Front End Cap.  You can plainly see three different pocket locations.  Each of these three pockets pocket compartments actually contain three pockets: [1] A main pocket area. This Main pocket area is designed to hold your mobile device, wallet and keys. [2] A small secondary pocket tucked in the top of each pocket. This pocket is designed to hold a flashlight and fuel tester. [3] And then a small flat pocket on the front cover of each pocket.  This is designed to hold your electronic E6B, camera, business cards, iPod.  These pockets are great for organizing all the little stuff in your personal and professional life.

The Front End Cap is not designed to be used alone because the separation zipper would be exposed and could be damaged.  Always zip the Front End Cap onto one of the other FLEX System modules.

A great FLEX System option that works really well is to zip this Front End Cap onto a Rear End Cap.  This forms a bag that we call The Porfolio.  This gives you a nice thin bag that is perfect for carrying your iPad, some documents, cords, cables, etc.  It also turns out that the 13" Mac Book Air, and even the 13" Mac Book Pro will fit between these two End Caps.  To carry the Porfolio, you'll make use the included Portfolio Handle which attach to the bag with the two small rectangular clips.  These clips have a gap in them which allows you to thread them into the two small loops on the side of the Front End Cap. (There are two more loops on the top of the bag as an option.)  DO NOT CARRY ANY BAG BIGGER THAN THE PORTFOLIO WITH THE PORTFOLIO HANDLE. Alway use the Main Handle when the Front End Cap is attached to any of the main modules.

NOTE: The FLEX modules WILL NOT WORK with (will not zip onto) any older BrightLine Bag.  The zippers had to be of a different type to allow this modularity concept to work. The Front End Cap can attach to all of the front panels of the FLEX System modules (so this excludes the Front Bag since the Front Bag doesn't have an available front surface.)

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