AvMap Ultra EFIS 3.5"

AvMap Ultra EFIS 3.5"
AvMap Ultra EFIS 3.5" AvMap Ultra EFIS 3.5" AvMap Ultra EFIS 3.5" AvMap Ultra EFIS 3.5" AvMap Ultra EFIS 3.5"
Brand: AvMap
Product Code: 404011010
Availability: Manufacturer Availability
Price: R15,014.14
Ex Tax: R13,170.30

Ultra light, Ultra bright the compact standalone EFIS for a safe flight!

Developed with UAV Navigation, the AvMap Ultra is a compact EFIS providing reliable and advanced ADAHRS.

July 19th, 2013: AvMap, the Italian manufacturer of GPS since 1994, presents the Ultra EFIS, a stand alone unit providing Air data, Attitude, Heading and Altitude Reference for your flight.

The AvMap Ultra EFIS is a stand alone device with a 3.5” ultra bright, Sunlight Readable LCD display. The unit is compact (only 1.95”/ 49.5 mm installing depth) and ultra light: only 5.1 oz / 145 g while other products on the market are around 1 lb 9 oz / 700 g.

Fitting in a standard 84 mm (3.3”) panel hole, the AvMap Ultra EFIS can be easily installed in your panel and be connected to the GPS receiver (included) and to the aircraft Pitot-static system to provide reliable and advanced ADAHRS.

Designed for light-sport, ultra light and experimental aircrafts, the AvMap Ultra EFIS contains solid-state gyros, accelerometers, magnetic field sensors, air data sensors and UAV Navigation motion processor, the outcome of more than 8 years of motion and flight control experience at UAV navigation ( uavnavigation.com )

Ultra EFIS 3.5” PFD screen displays:

  • Attitude (roll, pitch and heading)
  • Airspeed from Pitot-static system
  • Altitude from Pitot-static system
  • Wind
  • Side Slip
  • Vertical Speed

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