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 Falcon Water Temp Gauge Bundle
 Water Temp Gauge + Sender Promo Bundle Includes: - Falcon Water Temperature Pro..
Ex Tax: R391.34
Air Speed Indicator 3 1/8" 0-80 mph (non-certified)
Falcon equivalent airspeed indicators have been one of the most chosen flight instruments by kit..
Ex Tax: R724.80
David Clark Amplified Dynamic Microphone
This Amplified Dynamic Microphone is a noise canceling type. It will not operate in circuits that do..
R1,102.80 R882.24
Ex Tax: R773.90
David Clark Gel Earseal, pair
Gel-filled ear seals mold to the sides of the head for a personalized, form-fitting seal with each u..
R468.15 R374.52
Ex Tax: R328.53
David Clark H10-13.4 Headset
The H10-13.4 is one of the best selling headsets in the aviation industry. Proven, reliable performa..
R7,048.97 R5,639.18
Ex Tax: R4,946.65
David Clark H10-13HXL Headset
The H10-13HXL gives helicopter pilots all the comfort, durability and performance they need, with th..
R12,216.58 R9,773.27
Ex Tax: R8,573.04
David Clark H10-13HXP ENC Headset
ENC Performance in a Panel-Mount Configuration The H10-13HXP headset provides outstanding ENC act..
R17,612.93 R14,090.35
Ex Tax: R12,359.95
David Clark H10-13X ANR Headset
The H10-13X is a great value for pilots seeking clear, quiet Electronic Noise-Cancelling performance..
R14,984.42 R11,987.53
Ex Tax: R10,515.38
David Clark H10-13XL Headset
Enjoy the added quiet and clarity of Electronic Noise-Cancelling technology with modular portability..
R18,361.19 R14,688.95
Ex Tax: R12,885.05
David Clark H10-30 Headset
Outstanding Value in a Proven Design The H10-30 is an excellent value for both seasoned aviators ..
Ex Tax: R5,913.60
David Clark H10-60H Helicopter Headset
Helicopter version. Comes equipped with a 5-foot extended coil cord and a single plug. The H10-60..
R7,952.34 R6,361.87
Ex Tax: R5,580.59
David Clark H20-10 Headset
The H20-10 is made from advanced composite material that is lightweight, yet extremely durable. Uniq..
R7,518.28 R6,014.62
Ex Tax: R5,275.98
David Clark Headset Bag
Black ballistic nylon headset carry bag with DC logo. Fits one headset and features split front pock..
Ex Tax: R351.06
David Clark Leather Mic Protector
Improves communications by reducing wind and ambient cockpit noise while transmitting ..
R97.96 R78.37
Ex Tax: R68.74
David Clark Microphone M-7A Amplified Electret
For a microphone that features advanced noise cancellation technology and high speech intelligibilit..
R877.80 R702.24
Ex Tax: R616.00

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